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Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit or critical care unit at Olean General is a highly specialized medical and nursing care unit charged with treating patients faced with life threatening illness or injury.

ICU Team

The Unit is made up of healthcare professionals from an array of different disciplines that include medical, nursing, and allied health fields all trained to provide their skills in a coordinated, collaborative and cooperative fashion. To a large degree each of the health professionals involved in any one case depends on the skills of the others in the successful treatment of seriously ill patients.

For all of the members of the ICU team at Olean General Hospital, critical care begins at the moment of illness or injury and continues throughout the patient’s hospitalization, treatment and recovery. In most cases, severely ill or traumatized patients are admitted directly to the Hospital’s emergency room or medical or surgical area for assessment, treatment and stabilization and then admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

The Intensive Care Unit has some of the most highly-trained nursing staff available today. Critical care nurses (CCRNs) provide a high level of skilled nursing for continuous and total patient care. Their expertise, training and continuous observation of patients permits them to recognize subtle but significant changes in patient conditions thereby preventing worsening conditions and minimizing complications that arise from critical illness.


The Intensive Care Unit at Olean General Hospital utilizes a vast array of high tech and electronic instruments and machines to assist and monitor patients through their life threatening experience.

  • Heart Monitors. At any one time patients maybe placed on continuous heart monitors to treat any cardiac irregularity along with blood pressure and blood oxygen level monitoring. Specialized technicians monitor all patients 24/7 and are trained to handle any emergency.
  • Mechanical Ventilation Units. When patients need assistance, our mechanical ventilation units help patients recover from catastrophic illnesses. For many patients, gaining the strength necessary to be weaned from prolonged mechanical ventilation requires a coordinated effort where our interdisciplinary team works with the patient to address deficits in motor function, cognition, nutrition and communication.


The benefits received from the services provided at our Intensive Care Unit include:

  • One of the most highly trained and coordinated ICU teams in the region.
  • State-of-the-art treatment and monitoring equipment that provides the information need to recognize and immediately react to life threatening conditions.
  • A nursing staff that is “in tune” with each patient’s condition and needs, shortening reaction time and improving care.
  • Ongoing “in-service” educational programs to refine and build treatment skills.
  • A critical care team focused on getting patients back to their normal lives quickly.
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